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This particular city is known for its artistic heritage and it elaborates canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th century Golden age is something which symbolizes the opulent grandeur of the past.

The city is one of the top-notch financial centers in Europe. It is being considered an Alpha world city by the globalization and world cities study group. The 17th century is being considered as the Golden era during which it became the wealthiest city in the world. The ships sailed from Amsterdam to the Baltic Sea, Northern part of America and Africa. It is to be noted that these companies acquired overseas possessions that later became Dutch colonies. In the past this opulent city was Europe’s most important city for the shipment of goods and was a leading financial centre of the world.

The river Amstel separates the city centre and it connects to a large number of cannels that finally separates the IJ. The city is well connected to the North Sea through the long North Sea canal. The main city of Amsterdam is mainly urbanized.  There are varied places of interest in this part of the world which includes the ranks of Anne Frank House, van Gogh Museum, and Vondelpark. Jordaan is yet another location which can indeed grab your attention.

The foods and the traditional culinary are something will make your appetite gain the effectiveness. The tour guides working with us are indeed experienced and will let you know about the entire history in details. Get ready as the city of Amsterdam is ready to welcome you.