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The neon light skyscrapers and the historic temples is the symbol that you associate with the city of Tokyo. The culturally delved Meiji Shinto Shrine is known for its towering gate and the surrounding woods. If you are in love with imperial possessions than you can pay a visit to the imperial palace that sits amid a large public gardens being blossomed with flowers.  The main museum of the city offers exhibits of classical art and architecture of the yester years.  As you walk past the city you would witness the Tokyo metropolitan building standing amidst the road.

The architecture of the city has largely been shaped by Tokyo’s history. Twice in recent times the city has witnessed major crackdown of possessions getting tampered to relics. The great Kanto earthquake of 1923 was a natural disaster and the leviathan firebombing during the second world made the city witnesses the city the global holocaust of manmade disaster. But the city stood out time and again and made enormous progression in making their command in the international pedestal as one of the pivotal hubs commercial activities.

The city is being encircled by various parks and gardens which allows in marinating the corrective ecological equilibrium. You can pay a visit to these parks and spend some time of repose after you are done with the sightseeing throughout the day. The tour to Japan especially Tokyo is incomplete without cuisines. Whatever is being said about Japanese food is less. So it is better to come and grab the authentic traditional cuisine and make your dream for good food come true.  So contact us immediately and we would board the first flight to Tokyo.