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Manila is the capital city of Philippines and is one of the most densely populated bay side cities on the island of Luzon which conglomerates Spanish colonial architecture with modernized skyscrapers. It was a walled city in the colonial times and is the heart of Old Manila. There are various places of attraction in this part of the world. Some of the notable places for visit are Rizal Park, San Augustine Church, Manila Ocean Park, national museum of Philippines and so on.  The spa and resorts near the beaches are something which is worth visiting. You can get massage and body tanning along with facial tanning.

You can indeed have a gala time here. Be with your family and plunge in the extra repose that you have been pining for. The place is indeed a place for rejuvenation and comfort. There are various hotels providing top notch facilities. We as a service provider are always eager to provide you the superlative hotels having the best ratings. We are in touch with some of the bigger brands of hotel chains in the city. At the same time if you are a first time visitor, then you would be in need a city guide. What we can say is, you can be at ease as the guides working with us a completely aware of the city. They are professionals and are quite familiar with the local languages. The shopping centers are quite elegant and you can shop traditional jewelries and local garments.  Manila has a history of being occupied by several countries in the past. Be it the Spanish, American and Japanese, Manila presently is a pivotal centre of trade and commerce. It is also a focal point for retailing transportation, tourism and more importantly real estate.