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The capital of South Korea is a huge metropolitan area eloped with sky scrapers and high-tech subways. It is one of the locations of pop cultural meet along with Buddhist temple. The street market is one of the most winsome markets which would indeed grab your attention. The city has varied notable attractions which are as follows:

  • Futuristic Dongdaemun design plaza
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Jogyesa Temple

There are several other destinations which are indeed worth watching. Today Seoul is being considered as rising global city because of the economic prosperity which is commonly being defined as the miracle of the Han River. Generally you would find humid subtropical climate or humid continental climate. It won’t be a difficult for the tourist to visit places as the climate can be adjustable.

In the yester years the city was enclosed by massive circular stone walls in order to provide the citizens security from wild animals, thieves and attacks from intruders. Presently the city has grown beyond the walls. Although the wall no longer stands, the gates remain near the downtown district of Seoul.

The hotel accommodation in this part of the world is indeed top notch. The superlative hospitality ownerships have their chain of hotels here. The quality Korean cuisines are something which you need to have a taste. There are several restaurants in the city and you can dine with ease. If you are in night of vibrant night life, then you must be in some of the night clubs during the weekends. VMS tours and travels are sure to make your dream come true. Avail the services and make your trip be remembered till eternity.