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The capital city of Peru lies on the country’s arid pacific coast. It is one of metropolis that is buzzing with activities. Apart from being one of the largest cities, it is the seat to Museo Larco collection of pre-Columbian art and the Museo de la Nación. It allows in harking back to the yester years and gets a grab of the historical grandeur of Peru’s ancient civilization. The city is enveloped with cultural opulence and traditional architecture.  The 16th century Cathedral which is being located at the heart of the city is indeed an architectural genius. The particular city was founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535 is indeed a treasure trove of history. If you are visiting Downtown Lima then you must be knowing that the location is bit crowded but you surely be enjoying and exploring the city’s neighborhood especially the beachfront area, having superlative shopping destination and awe-inspiring hotels.

 The other places which can grab your interest are as follows:

  • Larco Museum
  • Monastery of San-Francisco
  •  Government palace
  • Cathedral of Lima

Since it is the capital city, it is well connected with roads and railways and you are sure to get number of vehicles after getting down at the airport. Be it the car rental, bus services, taxis will all be available for you.  Shopping lovers will like this place and grab various merchandise. Lima is indeed a place to pay a visit. Let’s join hands and explore the traditional culture of South America.