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One of the most compelling cities of the Latin American country, the capital of Ecuador is located right at the centre of the country. The location enjoys spectacular natural settings. The capital city is a conglomeration of colonial and modernized architecture creates a fascinating built environment. It is also the seat for the government of Ecuador.

You can prefer for several outdoor activities. The restaurants along the bars located here will make your outing memorable. You can avail quality foods which is sure to fill up your appetite. The city is one of the less altered and best preserved historic centers in the Latin American domain. It was one of the first cultural heritage site declared by the UNESCO in the year 1978. There are quite a few locations which you can pay a visit are as follows:

  • Ciudad
  • Campania De Jesus, Quito
  • La Capilla Del Hombre 

The city of Quito forms a harmonious collection where nature and human are brought together in creating an unique and transcendental work. The influence of the Baroque school of Quito was recognized in the cultural domain. So in order to explore the rich settings of city one needs to pay a visit here.  Let us know about your plan and pay a visit here in quick .