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Casablanca is Morocco’s largest cosmopolitan city and country’s main port. Though a large and modernized city it is a former French colony which still has the reputation of allowing myriad movie moments for those individuals who are in want of revisiting love in the Medina and in the older cities. It is often the first destination stop for the international passengers flying in from far. The city is basically being used as the transit point.

The modern city was founded by Berber fishermen in the 10th century BC and was subsequently being used by Phoenicians, Romans along with the Merenids as one of the strategic port commonly known as Anfa. The sultan of Morocco rebuilt the city after it was destroyed by the Portuguese and gave it the new name Casablanca. After dropping here you could pay a visit to Hassan II Mosque. As far as history is concerned it took 6,000 traditional craftsmen and a prolonged period of five years to complete this work of art. The elaborate mosaics, stone and the marble floors prove the artistic genius of the individuals. It is the largest mosque in the world with more 100, 000 worshipers. Non-Muslims are not being allowed inside the worship complex but there is ample to have a glance outside. If you are on an official tour you will be getting access to certain parts.

The old-walled town of Medina is quite a miniature place to get lost as you explore the shops in the little nooks and corners. It offers a fantastic contrast to the widened streets and the modernized architecture that marks the rest of the city.

Place Mohammad V is the pivotal square in the town having large fountains. It is one of the finest examples of French colonial architecture. The place is blessed with mild climate, the winters are not too cold, but can be rainy. The summers are quite hot but the cooling breeze from the Atlantic makes it bearable.