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It is the second largest city in the continent of Africa with a more than 3 million individuals residing in the city. The city offers visitors an experience of bustling city life. This particular city is the large city in Gauteng province and was established as a miniature village controlled by a health committee in 1886 after a discovery of the outcrop of a gold reef on the farm Langlaagte.  As far as records are concerned the city was named after Johann Bernhard Rissik and Christian Johannes Joubert. The city sits on the edge of the world’s largest known gold deposit located in the Witwatersrand basin, once it was site of a massive inland sea.

There are various attraction in the city and the most notable attractions are as follows:

Apartheid Museum- It is one of the museum complex in Johannesburg which is completely dedicated to the illustrating   apartheid and the 20th century history of South Africa.

Gold reef city- One of the amusement park in the country located on an old gold mine which closed down in 1971. The park is themed around the gold rush that commenced function in 1886.

You can also pay a visit to the Lion Park. The continent of the Africa is famous for wild life and to have a glimpse of the African ecological balance you can pay a visit to this park. The African lions are something which you would love to witness.  The constitution hill and Montecasino will be your next stop. Here you can indeed spend your time in utmost comfort. The luxury hotels and the restaurants here are indeed special. The city is well connected with roads railways and airways so it won’t be a difficulty in travelling to this part of the world.