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The city founded by the Berbers in the 2nd millennium BCE, the city was controlled by Phoenicians, Romans and Arab Muslims. Later it was also being brought under the control of Ottomans, the Spanish and it was also being controlled by the Germans and the French. It finally achieved independence as capital of the country Tunisia in the year 1956. The city has been one of the cradles of ancient and modernized art and culture. The Medina is one of the networks of narrow alleyways along with mosques, mausoleums.  The new city is known as Ville novella in French. The illuminated Clock tower is one of the landmarks which stand amidst the city. The other major attractions of the city are as follows:

Bardo National Museum- it is one of the largest museums in North Africa and most awaited destinations of paying a visit. Here you will find an array of artifacts relating to the past history of the country.

Al-Zaytuna Mosque- One of the major mosque in the country and the oldest in the capital of the country. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters having nine entrances.

Altar of the gens Augusta-It is one of the Roman alter which is being associated with the imperial culture of ancient Rome. It was discovered on the slopes of Byrsa hills above the port of the ancient city. The city is well connected with roads and railways so it won’t be a difficulty in reaching your destination. Just get in touch with us and lets fly to Africa with all the exuberance.

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