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Lagos Nigeria

The city of Lagos is the capital of Nigeria and one of the largest cities of the country. It sprawls inland from the gulf of Guinea across Lagos lagoon. The Victoria Island, which is also the financial centre of the metropolis, is quite famous for its beach resorts.  It is also quite well known for boutiques and for the nightlife. To the North, Lagos Island is home to the National Museum which displays the past culture, tradition. At the same time you are sure to find varied craftwork and writings that puts up the detail relating to the ancient civilization of that particular place. Nearby is the Freedom park, once a colonial era-prison and now one of the major venue for hosting major concerts and various public events.

As far as history is concerned the remaining part of the modern day Nigeria was seized in 1887 and when the colony and protectorate of Nigeria was established in the year of 1914 Lagos was declared as its capital. Logos is loosely classified into couple of main geographical areas commonly being defined as the main land as well as the island.

The hotels here are not that top notch but they do have accommodation to suit your needs. There are various shopping destinations, malls and plazas; you can indeed have a gala time here. The climate is generally hot and dry in the North although with a long wet season between April and September. The Harmattan dries the atmosphere during December. Thereby it will be perfect if you pay visit from December to March. Count on our services and get the best deal which is all awaiting your response.