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If you are a shopping freak than it is time to pack up your bags and then visit the capital city of Lebanon. At the same time socializing and sightseeing is something which you can carry out here. Though the place has been ravaged by wars and political unrest, it still remains one of the sought out destination for the travel enthusiast. If you hark back to the past history you will notice that the city has been rebuild several times. The modernistic architecture shares space with Ottoman and colonial French buildings. The streets are always buzzing with activities. The vibrant nightlife will make you plunge in utmost regalement. If you are indeed in love with history and very keen in knowing the city’s past then a visit to the National museum and Gibran museum is a must. Young individuals are always in favor of Jogging and biking and in order to make them get the taste of it cornice is one of the destinations where you can indeed seek your pleasure.

Numerous prehistoric and archaeologists sites were discovered in and around the Urban location of Beirut. It reveals flint tools of chronological periods which dates from the middle Paleolithic and upper Paleolithic through the Neolithic to the Bronze Age.

Beirut is characterized by hot summer Mediterranean climate characterized by mild day and night. Autumn and spring are quite warm. Winter is quite mild and rainy and summer can virtually be rainless. The best time to visit this particular destination is during the winters.  Get in touch with us so that we can arrange the best hotels and accommodations for you.