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Auckland is one of the major cities situated towards the North of New Zealand’s northern island. It is the centre of the iconic sky tower and has a base of couple of large harbors. Auckland domain is the city’s oldest park is being based around an extinct volcano and home to the former winter gardens. The isthmus of Auckland was settled by Maori around 1350 and was valued for its opulent and fertile land. As of the present times are concerned trams and railway lines shaped Auckland’s rapid expansion in the early first half of the 20th century, but after the mergence and domination of motor vehicle has not abated since arterial roads and motorways have become indeed defining and geographically divided characteristics of the urban landscapes. The city of Auckland has subtropical climate with warm humid summers and mild damp winters. Snowfall is extremely rare. Apart from the sky tower you can also visit rangitoto island ad Auckland war memorable. Basically a quite city Auckland is a must visit if you are pining for tranquility. We have several tourist guides who will let you know about the history of the city. Let us know about your plans for visiting, and we would be more than eager to help you out.